The compact detector panel is positioned behind the target; the generator is placed in front.
Its Features:
- High penetration with submillimetre resolution
- Compact detector panel
- Real-time images
- Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use
- Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools


Powerful x-ray scanning system that can penetrate 34mm steel at 120kV as standard. The 305mm x 256mm imaging area enables typical bags and packages to be scanned in one scan.


Baggage scanning system offers real-time 3D x-ray images. Ideal for security scanning of baggage and small packages at high security facilities, stadiums and events.
The operator is able to see, for example, whether a wire passes behind, in front of, or into a substance or container, enabling the operator to recognise and confirm threat and non-threat items more easily.


The system’s low profile, bottom-up generator design makes fine lines appear much sharper and larger on-screen. With a trim footprint, the user-friendly 6040 delivers best-in-class speed and detection capability even where space is limited.
- TSA qualified for air cargo screening
- Fits in elevators, narrow halls and tight spaces
- Patented guided conveyor belt never needs adjusting
- Built on the industry’s most stable and flexible operating system


The desktop systems deliver fast, accurate and reliable analysis results when screening for traces of explosives or narcotics. The combination of gas chromatography and ion mobility spectrometry technology provides operators with a highly selective and sensitive system designed for high throughput environments.