Radio-Frequency IDentification

An Android-based mobile computer, it features a powerful processor, long lasting battery, stable wireless connectivity, high-resolution camera,accurate GPS,NFC and optional 1D/2D barcode scanning.
- scan engine is configured with the world-class scan engine, Honeywell N6603, to enable the device to decode all types of 1D/2D barcodes with high motion tolerance.
-With high-performance fingerprint module and algorithm,
- The highly responsive NFC module can read and write many cards including ID card which is with ISO/IEC 14443, type B protocol. It helps i6310 realize numerous functions such as e-payment, personal identification etc.


An all-rounder with versatile payment functions which could be implemented to many business applications, satisfying the most demanding expectations of merchants.
- can support many payment methods, beyond traditional credit and debit cards, including EMV standard, contactless or NFC technologies, e-wallets and QR code payment solutions.
- Powerful printer printing orders, bills anytime anywhere with faster speed 58mm thermal printing 50km printing life span 50-70mm/s printing speed


Handheld Imager
-Compact and lightweight, with a comfortable grip and a soft lighting system, it helps reduce the operator's fatigue and enhance the operating experience.
-The professional 2D scan engine possesses the precise and high-speed scanning functions to not only accurately read barcodes on papers/commodities, but also performs even better in reading barcodes on different screens, making it highly suitable for mobile payment applications.
-USB compatible,no driver installing, easy to connect to the computer and mobile terminals

Complete control and overall consistency of the information chain