Modified Containers

• Safe, secure living conditions in durable, climate controlled space.
• Convenient full bath with easily connected plumbing portal.
• Easy personnel entrance through a secure steel swing door.
• Configurable for additional functionality with optional kitchenette.
• Heavy duty construction for long, useful life in any environment
• Quick set up and relocation with easy electrical and plumbing
• Connections with no need for steps, ramps, tie downs,
skirting or foundation.


provides semi-permanent mobile field hospitals for rapid deployment. These mobile hospitals provide a robust solution for medical problems and safe medical environments in hard to reach areas. Our products can be composed following a LEGO-like structure with containers and tents. Any configuration is possible.


An economical workhorse, the ISO, or Conex, shipping container provides a flexible, durable storage solution suitable for any environment. Storage containers require no special foundation and can be easily moved from site to site. Secure, double, ground level cargo doors allow for easy access. Choose from 20ft or 40ft storage options.
• Store what›s important on-site in a safe and durable space.
• 160 sq/ft or 320 sq/ft of flexible and affordable storage space.
• Secure, weather-proof and rodent-proof storage.
• Heavy-duty industrial construction for long useful life.
• Quick setup and relocation with no need for foundation.