Modified Containers

These shelters are composed of a polygonal shaped aluminium structure and a PVC fabric cover. The connecting and mounting plates are made of galvanized steel. The opening and closing of the gable ends takes only one minute. Conveniently storable and transportable in standard containers, the complete structure can be assembled and taken down easily and very fast.


These structures can fulfill multiple functions : accommodation tents, catering (MESS) tents, recreation centres, storage facilities or hospitals. Are made of an extruded aluminium frame and a cover made of flame retardant PVC coated polyester. The structures are equipped with base plates and mounting parts made of galvanized steel. The lightweight structure of different spans are easy and quick to install.


The 3D frames are made of steel beams or alurninum, like our standard «Revolution» system. The roofing membranes have a life span exceeding 15 years and are made of flame retardant PVC coated polyester fabric. The translucent fabric lets natural light pass through. Opaque fabric can be supplied on request. The walls. preferably made of sandwich panels when the building has a large height, can be made of double layers of PVC coated fabric in case of a medium or small building height. Lightweight, fast assembly and the absence of special foundations are the main advantages of this structure.