Under-Vehicle Surveillance System

UVSS solution is designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicle’s undersides—all with one permanent or portable system. Careful integration of components makes the UVSS system a cost-effective and convenient solution for checking passenger vehicles, vans, buses, semi tractor truck and trailers, and more For monitoring, images are processed by the first Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capable of recording 4-channels simultaneously and then displaying moving images in quad screen format.


Effectively scan and inspect in real time the under carriage of vehicles to search and analyze images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons


- High-resolution color video of the undercarriage
- Integrates with alarm management system
- Real-time video of the undercarriage
- Automatic number plate recognition and high-resolution driver image camera
- Integration with video management and biometrics
- Transmit and record video over IP, fiber optics, coax, or wireless
- Video recording software with PC or DVR recording configuration


Is a portable, Rapid Deployment Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS), ideal for use as temporary checkpoint by military and/or (special) police forces. The system supports fast, high quality, and efficient detection of dangerous objects such as weapons, explosives, narcotics and any other contraband.
also includes a front view camera on a rapid deployable tripod. The camera provides a color image of the front of the vehicle for reference purposes.

Intelligent Physical Access Control & Security Diagram