Audio Surveillance

Designed to work with both digital and analog transmitters, It pairs with units at 416 to 421 MHz. It also offers a number of advanced and standard features, making it a good choice for a range of needs.
Recording: - The INT-A029 automatically records incoming audio and saves it to onboard flash memory as a WAV file.
- Universal Battery Container: The unit features a universal battery container that can hold either conventional AA batteries or Li-Ion batteries, allowing either to be used.
- Built-in Delta modulation decoder (automatically activates when Delta modulated digital signals appear).
- Playback: Simply tap a button to play back saved audio data from the memory card.


Intended for audio data transmission from room acoustic and telephone lines. The device features the ability to choose a specific operating mode and preferred function within a range of potential combinations. Selection can be made using an internal selector integral to the unit or with the remote (note the remote is sold separately).


Several surveillance operations are only possible by using camouflaged transmitters hidden in objects of daily use or in body worn items. The following camouflaged audio transmitter is analog only, and features built-in batteries capable of charging wirelessly. None of these models is compatible with a remote control.